Appellate Practice


A judge's decision is not necessarily the end of your lawsuit or jury trial. You and the other parties have the right to appeal the decision to a higher court, where evidence is reviewed to determine if the ruling was correct. A successful appeal might result in, for example, a new trial, a change in the amount of damages owed or the reversal of a guilty verdict.

Our White Plains appellate attorneys have strong credentials and decades of experience in providing competent, efficient service to clients in Westchester County and throughout the New York metropolitan area. They are highly qualified and able to obtain a favorable outcome for you in the New York State and Federal appellate system. Indeed, our attorneys have successfully argued a number of cases in the highest Court in the State of New York as well as in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

During an appeal, no new evidence may be presented--the focus is solely on evidence presented during trial. Therefore, an appeal is decided on written briefs, the effectiveness of which are determined by the strengths of the respective attorneys--their intelligence, analytical abilities, experience and command of both language and cutting-edge legal issues.

We identify the issues in your case by reading the trial transcript, consulting with you and your trial counsel and reviewing motions filed during trial. We then conduct legal research and analysis, assessing the strength of each issue. Then, having evaluated and prioritized the issues, we formulate our strategy, construct the brief and prepare for oral arguments.

Writing the brief is a lengthy, painstaking process that involves careful and creative drafting by attorneys who excel in the art and science of written language. It requires repeated review, incorporation of input from you and your trial counsel, and continued refinement until the time when the brief must be filed.

During an appeal, our attorneys focus primarily on answering questions, not on asking them as they would during trial. The brief is intended to answer obvious questions. During oral arguments, our lawyers are prepared to provide quick, thoughtful answers to questions asked by the judge.

Contact us to discuss the outcome of your trial with an experienced White Plains appellate lawyer, who will help you determine if an appeal is in your best interest.